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  • How do you look after a natural fibre makeup brush?
    Natural fibre makeup brushes can be washed like synthetic makeup brushes, by using a mild shampoo or soap. Rinse with warm water and leave the brush to dry laying on its side to prevent the glue loosening inside the brush. Use the mesh sleeve provided to slide over your brushes when drying to keep the fibres in shape and when storing brushes away.
  • How are Lucinda Goulden brushes made?
    Lucinda Goulden brushes are made completely by hand, through the traditional practice of knotting fibre, with the handles all being made by hand on a woodturning lathe. The natural fibres are dressed and tied by hand to create the different shapes and sizes to create a range of different brushes. This is a craft that's almost been lost to the rise of mass production and use of synthetic fibres. All the brushes have only the finest grade of natural, un-cut fibre this is the most precocious fibre that can be used in makeup brushes that has a finer edge and is the first cut, keeping intact the fine baby-like tips that create the softest of touch and delicate application of powder makeup.
  • Do you take commissions?
    Yes. If you have an idea or would like a brush or homeware made from a particular piece of wood or fibre this can be made to create an extra special gift or heirloom quality piece. All commissions take a few weeks depending on the project where 50% of the total is to be paid up front.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes. We ship worldwide. Custom charges may apply to countries outside the United Kingdom. These are costs to be paid by, by the customer and we are not eligible to cover these costs.
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