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Brushmaker & Woodturner
Lucinda Goulden

Lucinda Goulden brushmaker and woodturner

Behind the products

Creating seasonal collections of handcrafted, natural fibre makeup brushes, and wooden home décor pieces, using rare and luxurious materials.

Each unique piece is expertly crafted and created keeping individual personalities and styles in mind.

Lucinda Goulden is a Queen Elizabeth Scholar in brush making and woodturning.
Her makeup brushes and wooden homewares are hallmarked with silver, assuring quality and that your purchase grows in value over time, with it being date marked, making it the perfect gift for a loved one, or to mark that special occasion.

Using traditional woodworking skills, Lucinda Goulden pieces are made through the craft of woodturning, and the practice of hand-tying of natural brush fibres. Hand-tying and knotting brush fibres is an endangered heritage craft, being preserved through this work, by combining these elements in a modern language of design to be appreciated and relatable in today's world.
Lucinda believes in using natural, plastic free materials as it's environmentally friendly and because they're much more luxurious to the touch!
Her focus is on creating pieces that will last a lifetime and beyond, stepping away from the mass production of products with short lifespans. Each brush and homeware has hours of work and attention to detail in each one in her aim that it will be loved, looked after and passed down through generations. 

brand message


My name is Lucinda and I am the founder of Lucinda Goulden.
I craft through the medium of wood and art of Woodturning,
making sculptural objects for your home and beauty rituals in mind.

I am a mother of two, creating seasonal collections of functional pieces of art from my family home workshop in Wiltshire.
I make handcrafted homewares and brushes out of natural wool fibres and wood from all over the globe. 

Passionate about using natural materials, I work with a wide range of uniquely beautiful timbers,
bringing them to light using traditional skills
with a minimalistic flair into heirloom pieces made to last and to be cherished.


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