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A luxurious powder brush made from rare and vibrant, Pink Ivory wood with soft natural fibre bristles. 


Comes boxed on a cloud of silk fibre,

in a resuseable handmade linen bag with velvet drawstring. 


* Pink Ivory wood - Pink Ivory wood is an African hardwood and grows in South Africa. Its one of the rarest of the exotic woods with the timber ranging from brown to red with the pink heartwood being the most elusive and desired.


* Natural fibre makeup brush

* Protective mesh sleeve

* Care card and silver cloth included

* Hallmarked British Silver

* Sustainably sourced timber and recycled silver

Powder Brush In Pink Ivory Wood

SKU: 0030
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  • Height - 110mm

    Width - 44mm


    * The hair in each brush is crafted using natural fibres which are derived from goat hair, sourced from a local company.


    * It is put through a delicate washing process then finished under UV lighting which sterilizes the hair before being crafted by hand using a traditional skill called knotting. As the hair is a natural fibre you may find some slight shedding with use. 


    * When used regularly, your brush should be washed at least once a month with warm water and a mild shampoo. Please ensure you leave the brush to dry on its side to prevent the water from damaging the inside of the brush. 

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